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Glover Park
Linking a Community
in Washington, DC
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Did you know Glover Park-ers can take care of a lot of business with the city these days online? Renewing auto registration, ordering bulk trash, paying parking tickets, filing a complaint or request, checking your tax assessment, get income tax forms and a whole lot more can be done over the internet. This site makes it even easier to interact with the city by consolidating information about city government services and our Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Services Links


Your Advisory Neighborhood Commission. They meet the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at Guy Mason Rec. Center, and you are invited. Click this link to find the contact info for our 5 representatives



Check your Glover Park property tax assessment


Renew your auto registration


Pay a motor vehicle ticket

Bulk Trash

Order bulk trash removal. You will need to register a password here, but do it to see the 37 other things you can take care of online. From a bulk trash order, to reporting potholes and sign damage - you can do a lot and never wait on hold on the phone again!


Submit a DC consumer complaint with the Attorney General


Contact your Glover Park police officers from District 2, PSA 204.

DC Statistics

2000 Census population: 572,059
Male: 269,366 (47.1%)
Female: 302,693 (52.9%)
Black: 343,312 (60.0%)
White: 176,101 (30.8%)
Asian: 15,189 (2.7%)
American Indian and Alaska Native: 1,713 (0.3%)
Other race: 21,950 (3.8%)
Two or more races: 13,446 (2.4%)
Hispanic/Latino: 44,953 (7.9%)
Percentage of population 18 and over: 79.9%
65 and over: 12.3%
Median age: 34.6
Median household income in 2000: $41,000

Motto: Justitia omnibus (Justice for all)
Flower: American Beauty Rose
Tree: Scarlet Oak
Bird: Wood Thrush
Flag: Adopted in 1938. Design was based on the shield from George Washington's family coat of arms.