Chris Jones
Sep 12, 2017

Nanny Available


I am posting on behalf of a neighbor:



Fun, Dependable Nanny Available

Our lovely nanny is looking for a full time position or share for a total of 40 hours/week. Raquel has been with our family for the past 3 years and I strongly recommend her. I'd love to keep her, but, with both our boys in school this fall we won't be able to provide enough hours.

She is wonderful with our 2 boys (ages 6 and 3) and they are quite a handful! My boys are high energy, emotional kids and she works wonders with them. They behave so much better when they are in her charge. She has made an extensive network of friends in the neighborhood (Burleith/Glover Park) and is always arranging play dates and outings with other children. Extremely reliable, she’s only had one sick day in 3 years (and she has 3 school age boys of her own!). Most importantly, I know my boys are safe when with her and I’ve never worried that they aren’t being cared for properly.

She is fluent in both Spanish and English and speaks only Spanish to our youngest. She has a driver’s license and drives our car when transporting the boys to their activities.

Should you have any questions, please contact me:


Megan Malli Wyand
Dec 2, 2017

Hi Chris, do you know if Alison has been snagged up?

Dec 18, 2017

Megan, My husband and I are expecting our first baby in early March, looking for a glover park Nanny share in June. Have you set up yours yet?


Alison, If Raquel is still available we would love to talk with your more!

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    from Old Europe restaurant: REMEMBERING OUR BELOVED MR. KARL Affectionately known to many simply as Mr. Karl, our hearts mourn the passing of Karl J. Herold who died peacefully on October 12, 2019, he had a long and successful life as Chef and Proprietor of the Old Europe Restaurant. He will be dearly missed by his family, friends and many business associates.Born in 1935 in Uder, Germany he eventually immigrated from Heiligenstadt, Germany to Washington, D.C. absconding East Germany to create a new life in his adopted homeland in 1960. In the Spring of 1972, Karl and Isabel acquired the then landmark eatery here in Georgetown from the founders Ida and Albert Lichtenstein, who established the restaurant in April of 1948. Karl dedicated his life to the continued success and legacy of the business and the needs of his own growing family.Among other business ventures and opportunities, in 1990 he purchased the Rheingarten Restaurant in Stafford, Virginia which also became a successful establishment.He leaves behind his wife of 53 years, Isabel and their four children Alex, Oliver, Sarah and Elisabeth. A small, private memorial will be held where he will be laid to rest in DC’s historic German Immigrant Cemetery, Prospect Hill. 'We know Mr. Karl was well-loved by many at Old Europe, customers and staff alike. Alex and Cindy appreciate all condolences received directly and indirectly and have set up a space for you to write and share your memories of Mr. Karl at the front of the restaurant. They ask that in lieu of flowers, a small donation be made to maintaining Prospect Hill Cemetery. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive.

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