Jun 10

Neighborhood Update: Georgetown Campus Construction



Neighborhood Update: Georgetown Campus Construction

June 10, 2019



Effective Saturday, June 22, Entrance 1 off Reservoir Road will be closed throughout the remainder of construction. No cars, with the exception of delivery trucks going to the Hospital’s loading dock, will be able to enter. Pedestrian traffic will also be prohibited between the Hospital and the construction site. Please note that, as with all similar construction projects, this scheduled closure date is contingent upon the receipt of required permits and may be affected by inclement weather. Please read all the important details below.


Leavey Garage Access

No access will be available to the Leavey Garage via Entrance 1.

To enter the Leavey Garage, you must enter the campus via Canal Road and enter the south side of the Leavey Garage on the P3 Level.

To exit the Leavey Garage, parkers may exit campus via the Canal Road entrance, or they may exit Entrance 0 only from 3:30 – 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (see attached map). From 3:30 – 7:30 p.m. is the only time frame during which parkers may exit the east side of the Leavey Garage. Upon exiting the garage, please follow the new road that travels between the construction site and Epicurean and St. Mary’s Hall. The road connects to Reservoir Road near 37th Street, where a temporary traffic signal will control the flow of traffic coming out of Entrance 0. This roadway is temporary during construction and is one-way only for vehicles exiting campus between 3:30 – 7:30 p.m. on to Reservoir Road; vehicles may not enter campus via the Entrance 0 roadway.


Pedestrian Route Changes

With the closure of Entrance 1, all pedestrian walkways on the East side of the Hospital buildings will be permanently closed. No one will be able to walk along the east side of any of the Hospital buildings between Entrance 1 and the Leavey Garage. As a result, this change includes the permanent closure of all exit doors on the ground floors of PHC, Gorman, Bles, and Main, as well as the walkway and stairwell leading from the Main Building outdoor podium to the D6 bus stop. Pedestrian access in and out of the Hospital will only be available in the vicinity of Entrance 2 and at the Lombardi entrance (see attached map).


Evening Access to the Hospital

After 9 p.m. the entrances to the Main and CCC buildings are closed. However, the Lombardi building is open until 11 p.m. After 11 p.m., the Lombardi building is only accessible to those who have badge access to Lombardi. Those who do not have badge access to Lombardi may enter and exit the Hospital via the Emergency Department.



Entrance 1, Lot A, Lot B: High activity. Placement of ground support beams and underground site utility work continues.

Entrance 0: Low activity. New traffic signal will be activated on Saturday, June 22.

Entrance 2: No activity.

Entrance 4: High activity Entrance 4 closed for construction. Access to Garage 2 now only via Entrance 3. West side of Garage 2 closed through summer. Pedestrian access maintained via Entrance 3.

East/West Road: High activity. Lombardi traffic circle closed for ongoing utility installations, earthwork and retaining wall demolition along north and east sides of Shaw Field. Pedestrian route travels through the Lombardi building. Please follow posted directional signage.

West Road: Moderate activity. Roadway closed north of the Leavey Center loading dock. Parkers in Leavey Garage may enter and depart the garage via West Road on Level P3 or via Entrance 1 from Reservoir Road until June 22. Pedestrians advised to follow signage for alternate routes.

Central Utility Plant: High activity. Chiller has been installed in the plant with myriad systems connections underway. Boiler delivery is scheduled for June 14, with closure of the south alley from the 14th to 17th scheduled. Utilities work is progressing on schedule.

Yates Field House: High activity. Demolition well underway; construction kick-off May 3, with continuing removal of the insulation and waterproofing.

* See attached for a map of the above locations, and available pedestrian paths, as well as definitions of the construction activity indicators.



· Closure of Entrance 1 on June 22.

· Entrance 0 evening rush hour use (daily, 3:30 – 7:30 p.m.)

· Placement of ground support beams to continue in Lot A and Lot B, moving toward Entrance 1.

· Water utility work will continue inside the construction site, adjacent to Reservoir Road.

· West Road will be limited to a single lane from June 22 to July 2; please follow flaggers.

· Construction traffic expected to be normal; Boiler will be delivered on June 14 in the middle of the night.

· Ongoing construction for Yates roof repair and development of Kehoe Field, including new track



· Major site excavation to begin (pending placement of all ground support beams) with frequent dump truck traffic along approved route.

· East-West Road construction continues

· Entrance 4 will reopen late this summer, at which time the south end of Entrance 2 will become a dead end.



The project timeline for the construction of the Medical/Surgical Pavilion is under review. As soon as the schedule/project timeline is set, we will announce. Anticipate a late June / early July release.



Questions about the Medical/Surgical Pavilion construction should be directed to Construction Executive Matt Maio, Trammell Crow Company, at or 202-360-5735.

Questions about other campus construction (East/West Road, Yates Roof, Entrance 4, etc), please contact Alex Berley - phone # 571.722.6459, or Gina Bleck - phone # 202.687.2319.



The 477,000 square foot Medical/Surgical Pavilion will house 156 private patient rooms, a new Emergency Department, larger operating rooms, a rooftop helipad with direct access to the Emergency Room and three levels of underground parking. The proposed plan more than doubles the existing green space, providing for open, attractive landscaping that offers the immediate community an appealing and charming landscape.

As a long standing member of the community, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital takes great pride in being a good neighbor and minimizing disruptions during construction of the Medical/Surgical Pavilion. We appreciate your patience as we construct a world class facility that will provide the community with enhanced access to the world class care we currently provide.



If you are interested in receiving additional updates about the Medical/Surgical Pavilion, please click here (link takes you to




Regina Knox Woods, Vice President

Government Affairs for the District of Columbia

MedStar Health

110 Irving Street, NW

East Building 8111

Washington, D.C. 20010

202-877-0382 PHONE


Assistant: Ruby Price 410-772-6687



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