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The Great Snowstorm of 2016

I've lived in Glover Park for over 20 years, so I've seen my share of big snowstorms and the city's response. Some might disagree, but for 2+ feet of snow DC did a good job of snow clearing in our neighborhood. Streets were salted prior to the storm, the majority of streets were passable less than one day after the the snow stopped, small plows worked for days afterward and well into the night to move mounds of snow and get to the tough areas, and buses were running (sporadically) through the neighborhood again by the time the federal government and schools opened.

Glover Park residents helped out as well: people shoveled for their elderly neighbors, cleared cars without blocking streets again, 95% of sidewalks in front of residences were clear 2 days after the snow, some residents shoveled entire alleys or hired private plows to clear them, and there was no epidemic of parking space-saving which helped ease the parking difficulties once people got back to work.

There were plenty of difficulties, and people have stories, but this was about the best response to a big snowstorm from the city and from neighbors I have seen in my years here.


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