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El Salvador Consulate to Relocate

The 4000 square foot space at 2332 Wisconsin in the Calvert Center currently occupied by the El Salvadoran Consulate is up for lease again. El Salvador began occupancy of the space in 2007, taking over from Blockbuster Video (remember grabbing VHS tapes when you wanted to watch a movie? So last century).

The operation of the consulate created some traffic and parking issues for residents of Glover Park ever since, as the consulate only has a few reserved spaces in back for employees. The significant increase in business-hour visitors, though, probably has been good for local businesses on the strip, including restaurants, CVS, Whole Foods, FedEx and more.

It is not clear yet when the consulate will close, and whether people requiring visa or passport services will be redirected to their other locations in Woodbridge, VA, Gaithersburg, MD or the embassy on 14th Street in DC. The space is advertised as a triple net retail lease with a "negotiable" price. The Calvert Center includes the consulate space, as well as Brueggers Bagels, the Post Office and Chipotle. Each tenant has a few reserved spaces in back, and the Center has a few unreserved spaces as well.


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