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Sad News about Tennis Zone Closing

The owner of Tennis Zone, Ravi Shankar, passed away on February 4th, 2018. Ravi was well-liked and respected by his customers and friends for his skill, as well as his kindness and care. Services for Ravi will be held Thursday at 9:00 am. See details here.

Here is one customer's review of Ravi:

"He is knowledgeable yet unpretentious, and he has integrity. A great coach who gives helpful tips-- someone who obviously knows how to teach and has been doing it for a while. He gives you personal attention, whether you're a new or longtime customer. Based on what I've observed of his interactions (on the court and in his shop), people trust him. I've only met him a few times, but I get a good vibe from him and will stay a loyal customer." Many of Ravi's reviews over the years had the words "nice", "friendly" or "knowledgeable" in them.

Tennis Zone was located at 2319 Wisconsin Ave, next to Whole Foods in Glover Park. The building owner is saddened by the loss of Ravi, and he has posted at the building some instructions for any customers who need to pick up equipment. The store may be open as well this weekend for pick up.

The owner has been in talks with a yoga business about leasing some of the space, and now will be seeking to lease the entire building.


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