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Glover Park Restaurant Health

Have you thought about food safety when going out to eat or ordering take-out in Glover Park? The Food Safety Hygiene and Inspection Services Division (FSHISD) of the DC Department of Health is on the case and conducts regular inspections of all establishments which sell food in the District. Click on the links below for the latest health inspection reports (.PDF) for Glover Park's food services establishments, roughly from the past year or so. Maybe skip perusing these reports if you are planning to eat out tonight....

.....kidding, the reports are pretty good overall, and in the case of violations the FSHISD has a strict process for quick follow-up inspections to confirm every issue has been addressed. Often, the technical descriptions of the violations listed sound worse than they are, yet it is important to assess the nature of the violations, whether establishments are closed as a result of an inspection (signaling a potential immediate health threat) and whether there is a history of significant violations and/or complaints. All establishments do not get inspected every year. DC has a schedule based on the risk factor of the nature of the food served at the establishment as well as additional inspections for consumer complaints, start-ups and license renewals. Typically, inspections other than follow-ups are unannounced.


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