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Glover Park Neighbor Spotlight - Series 1

Welcome to the debut of the Glover Park Neighbor Spotlight, where you will be able to learn a little bit about some of your great neighbors. We have neighbors with such vibrant and interesting backgrounds and pursuits, and many have contributed a great deal to the neighborhood and their neighbors. If you have suggestions on who should be nominated for the Series 2 spotlight, please let me know and I will talk to them.

Robert Hyman and Deborah Atwood

Deborah Atwood moved to Glover Park in 1982 from Bellingham, Washington on the Puget Sound. She had accepted a job working for a congressman from Seattle on merchant marine, coastal and fisheries issues. While searching neighborhoods, her Realtor told her she could not go wrong with Glover Park because of the location. Robert Hyman is a native of the area, and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Sidwell Friends on Wisconsin Avenue through high school, and moved to Glover Park in 1991. Robert and Deb were introduced by a girlfriend of Deb's and they have been here and together ever since.

Robert is a photographer, explorer, investor and mountain climber. He has attempted to climb all of the 50 states' highest points. He has summited 48 of them so far, as well as Mount Kilimanjaro with Deb and Aconcagua in the Andes (the highest peak outside of Asia). He is a member of The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society, and has been on many scientific field research expeditions on conservation and the environment in Central and South America.

Deb is an executive with the Meridian Institute dealing with issues on sustainable food, fisheries and agricultural policies. She also is the chairwoman of the ACDI-VOCA, an agriculture development nonprofit that works in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to help promote locally driven market solutions for economic sustainability. She has been involved in many scientific projects as well, including recently investigating seafood supply chain issues in Gulf Coast fisheries. She and Robert have worked together on many other expeditions.

Robert and Deb have worked recently with the Honduran Conservation Coalition in combating devastating loss of habitat due to illegal mining, logging and clear-cut ranching at a major cost to the environment. Robert produced a short film called Paradise in Peril on this issue. Back in 2007, when millionaire financier and fellow adventurer Steve Fossett went missing in a supposed plane crash, Robert helped organize the Missing Aircraft Search Team (MAST) and he and Deb and the group helped officials in the search which had been going on for more than a year. MAST played an important role in finding and identifying Steve Fossett's remains in the Sierra Nevada mountains, helping to get closure for friends and relatives. You might remember the story about the "listening tunnel" - a house location somewhere in the area that was used to spy on the Russian Embassy. Robert helped investigate and locate that tunnel and was a source to the Washington Post when they broke the story. Robert served for 12 years as president and vice president of the Glover Park Citizens' Association and was passionate about resolving many issues in the neighborhood, including soil and water conservation initiatives with DC.

Robert and Deb hosted the annual Zombie Apocalypse display on past Halloween nights, with dozens of elaborate ghouls spread out across the property (alas, the event will not take place this year). This spectacle attracted thousands of visitors and the attention of the media each year. They are dog lovers - you might have seen them in the past with their pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks walking the neighborhood and talking to neighbors. They love the ability to hike numerous trails right here in Glover Park while having convenient access to downtown as well as the stores and restaurants here. They have noticed the reduction in group houses, the improvements in homes (along with higher prices) and lots more kids in the neighborhood now, compared to decades past.

If you would like to say hello to Robert and Deb or ask a question and you don't know them yet, let me know and I'll see if I can arrange it!

Chris Jones

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