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Glover Park ANC Elections Heat Up

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Admittedly, Glover Park’s biennial Advisory Neighborhood Commission elections usually are not all that enthralling. Two years ago the five current members were elected unopposed and uncontested (see prior article for the chaos that caused in the neighborhood). This election on November 8th 2022 will result in some changes. First, Glover Park’s ANC3B has new boundaries as a result of the 10-year redistricting based on the new census data, and a sixth Single Member District (SMD) was added (which increases the ANC3B members from 5 to 6). Second, only two of the current five commissioners are running again, and one faces competition from two new candidates.

By law, DC is required to undertake a redistricting plan for the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions once per decade based on new census data. New boundaries are drawn and new SMD’s added or subtracted based on population shifts. Each Ward in DC must contain a certain number of people within a threshold of 5% +/- of a set number. Comparing the maps shown, SMD’s in Glover Park were shifted somewhat, southern Cathedral Heights became part of ANC3A, and the area northwest of Glover Archbold Park (3B-06) was added. As a result, Ann Mladinov was banished from the neighborhood to that obscure suburban land further north known as “Cleveland Park” or something like that. Kidding of course (please no hate mail) – Ann is great, and faithfully and ably served the ANC3B constituents for 8 years and has lived in the area since 1984. Kevin Lavezzo will run unopposed to fill Ann’s seat in 3B01.

Chairman Brian Turmail has served the neighborhood well and has decided not to run again, partly due to the fact that his SMD was redistricted, and partly because he fulfilled his goals regarding the public school system. Gupi Howie is running unopposed to fill Brian’s seat. Elizabeth Elson is not running again, yet no one has stepped up as a new candidate. Elizabeth might be stuck in ANC purgatory. The new SMD (3B-06) will be filled by Ben Bergmann of Cathedral Heights.

Jackie Blumenthal has served as an ANC3B commissioner for 14 years now, and suddenly she might be sweating a little. Two candidates have emerged to challenge her, and based on the $25 per-person maximum campaign contribution limit, you can expect a high-stakes campaigning blitz on all major networks and talk shows (and maybe Facebook too). Aileen Nowlan and Ann E. Guzman, both of Glover Park, will seek high office in the newly redistricted 3B-02 zone which roughly is the area of Calvert Street, Tunlaw Rd and Wisconsin Ave, including most of the commercial district. Ann Guzman had a scare when ANC activist James Harnett challenged her application for nomination (he also challenged six other candidates in other ANC’s). That challenge was withdrawn and Ann’s candidacy stands. James served as an ANC commissioner in Foggy Bottom and lost a run at the DC Board of Education in 2020 (at the age of 22).

As a result, only Melissa Lane is a rock in the shifting and turbulent seas of Glover Park politics. Get out and vote for your neighborhood representatives on November 8th! Even if they are running unopposed, I’m sure it will boost their egos to see a good vote count anyway. I cannot find any published platforms of the three candidates competing for 3B-02, otherwise I would have included them here. If I find them I will include in this blog. If you are thinking about slipping into Elizabeth Elson’s vacated 3B-04 seat it is too late – the nominating period closed on August 10th.

Chris Jones


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