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Happy Crime Year in Glover Park

Crime in Glover Park ended 2022 about as expected, after the mid-year report (here) of a startling rise in thefts from automobiles. It appears the Metropolitan Police Department reported full-year 2022 statistics using the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) redistricted boundaries, which were approved by the DC Council in June. As a result, total crimes in Glover Park’s ANC3B were revised downward to 137 from 153 for 2021, and total crimes for 2022 came in at 153 (revised from latest MPD chart to the right), which indicates a rise in crime when comparing apples to apples. Thefts from automobiles nearly doubled from 36 to 66, accounting for the bulk of the increase in total crimes. See charts down below.

As you can see from the redistricted maps, ANC3B lost about a five block area from 39th Street to Garfield Street to Massachusetts Ave in Cathedral Heights, and gained the area west of Glover Archbold Park (Single Member District 3B06) which is roughly the area around New Mexico Avenue from Cathedral Ave to Sutton Place and the large residential and commercial buildings in that small area (an area of historically low relative crime).

Crimes by month were up and down, with a mid-spring lull, and then for reasons unknown, the criminals went on vacation in October, maybe using their hauls to go to Aruba. The smash-and-grabs and catalytic converter thefts in the neighborhood have become an epidemic, and there is not much the police can do to stop it as these crimes can be completed in mere seconds. Never, never, never leave objects that might appear desirable in a car in sight of someone walking by, even for a few minutes. Get some re-bar welded around your catalytic converter, and get some house cams pointed at the street or parking lots. [Did you know you can get free security cams in DC? Ask me about it.]

Crimes involving weapons always are a concern, and Glover Park saw a disturbing rise in criminals wielding handguns (4) and a knife (1), which is well up from two total violent crimes in 2021, though still significantly lower than most other neighborhoods in the city. Interestingly, the crime trend away from the commercial area continues. Up until pre-Covid lockdowns, Wisconsin Avenue commercial strip crime accounted for the majority, though now it is down to only one-third of total crimes. Maybe better policing along the strip, maybe fewer in-person patrons still – just speculation. Grand Theft Auto was on par with 2021 at 13 cars heisted from the ‘hood. I would bet half of those had the keys in the ignition….


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