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The Escape Room is Here

Eight people are ushered into a room for a job interview. They are locked in and required to complete one task. Seems normal enough, until the psychological experiment begins and confusion and paranoia set in as the applicants try to "win"......

Four people volunteer to participate in a seemingly innocent psychological experiment for the government. They are locked in a room and given a questionnaire to fill out. The government, though, has a more nefarious plan to pit the volunteers against each other and see who survives....

Ok, these are the plots of of the movies "Exam" and "The Killing Room" not Glover Park's "Escape Room" which is more innocent entertainment. The Escape Room opened earlier this year in the basement of the Starbuck's building off Hall Place. Customers are locked in a room and given a series of clues and they must work together to use these clues to escape. All in good fun......until the cameras start rolling and the government decides to conduct their psychological experiments! Kidding. See their website here.


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