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Grab your new Glover Park gear here on the Glover Park website! The design comes in two styles: classic distressed white print and the all-new retro color logo. Choose from 35 products and up to 24 apparel colors. Items include t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, office products, yoga mats, towels, mugs, totes facemasks, prints, pillows and more. Apparel comes in men's, women's and children's styles and cuts and ranges from standard to premium and performance quality. The color logo is positioned as an over-the-heart crest on the front of apparel while the white print design is centered and larger on the front.

All Glover Park gear is produced and sold by a third-party partner company named Threadless. They have partnered with artists and gear sellers for over 20 years now, and handle all ordering, billing, delivery and customer service smoothly and efficiently. does not receive your personal or billing information - that goes through Threadless. They are committed to earth-friendly and people-friendly processes by reducing carbon, using non-toxic dyes, exceeding industry safety standards, and making sure their partners comply with laws about workplace regulations and not using forced, trafficked or child labor.

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