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Murder at 4000 Tunlaw

No, this is not a new action flick by director Dwight Little, or an old novel by famed DC murder mystery writer Margaret Truman, tragically this is a true story. Quiet Glover Park, where you might see an occasional complaint about a car break-in or a package stolen from a porch, became the setting for a homicide investigation and bomb scare. On April 22nd, residents of 4000 Tunlaw, just waking or preparing for the day ahead, were ordered to evacuate their large 11-story condominium. The bomb-scare caller apparently let police into his apartment when they arrived to investigate and there they found the body of a woman who had been stabbed multiple times.

Charles Sykes, a long-time resident of the building, was arrested and charged with murder. Mr. Sykes has been a defendant in six criminal cases and one civil court case in DC prior to the murder charge according to DC Courts public records.

Many residents initially thought they were being inconvenienced by a false fire alarm, but then when the bomb squad and SWAT team showed up, along with throngs of media, people got a bit more nervous. The murder has been classified as originating from a domestic dispute, and the victim lived in Falls Church, VA. The condo unit where Mr, Sykes resides is owned by a non-profit organization named The Anne Frank House Inc, which helps homeless people secure private housing in Northwest DC. Such a crime is quite rare in this part of town.


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