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Z-Burger or All-About Burger, what's going on??

Glover Park's Z-Burger, a burger joint similar to Five Guys, has been re-branded as All-About Burger under the same management. Business partners Peter Tabibian and Ebrahim Esfahani have been involved in a drawn-out legal dispute which was settled finally back in April. In the settlement between the two, Tabibian keeps two Z-Burger locations at Tenley and Columbia Heights (plus two others he solely owned after the dispute began) along with the "Z-Burger" brand, while Esfahani keeps the four other restaurants, including the one in Glover Park, but with the re-branded name of "All About Burger".

The Z-Burger brand holds significant value in the area with so many successful chains, so chalk that up as a victory for Tabibian. Let's hope Mr. Esfahani continues to succeed at the Glover Park All About Burger, and I hope he keeps the cheesesteaks on the menu!


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