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Flower Thief Caught, but at Large

Not much is going on in Glover Park in the 99 degree August heat right now so I'll write about the flower thief. If you browse the listserv occasionally, chances are you read something like this: "Someone came in my front yard in the middle off the day and cut all my flowers and took them! I can't believe this happens in such a nice, quiet neighborhood!" Yes, DC has a flower thief (maybe more than one because it is a lucrative enterprise) and he has struck many times over the years. There have been vague descriptions, an arrest in 2014 with a case still open, but no resolution as he was a no-show in court.

Back on May 7th 2016, in a sting operation involving a stakeout in a lush Glover Park garden, the flower thief was caught. One can only imagine the months of planning and preparation that went into this successful police operation. The thief has been identified as Maged Ali Sandouka, who is suspected to be homeless. He had given the police the address of the Jordanian Embassy though he doesn't appear to live there. His attorney, Archie Nichols, submitted a not-guilty plea on his behalf and he has failed to appear in court multiple times since May 7th. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Here is a link to a Washington Post article on the story, with a picture of the suspected thief still at large. If you see this man, call the police as he is wanted and may strike again. Police believe he sells the flowers to local businesses and restaurants, so we ask these establishments not to accept such offers of sale.


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