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Insomnia Escape Room to Open

A new Escape Room will be opening in Glover Park in December - now we have two! The Escape Room Live opened in Glover Park last year just as the phenomenon had been sweeping the country. The popularity of this entertainment concept has increased since then, and the Insomnia Escape Room has opened in the same building, one floor up (no affiliation with the one one floor down...)

Customers are locked in a room and given a series of clues and they must work together to use these clues to escape. All in good fun......until the cameras start rolling and the government decides to conduct their psychological experiments and extreme paranoia sets in! Kidding, I watched the movie "The Killing Room". The Insomnia Escape Room has two themes: The Mafia and The Alchemist.

Insomnia Escape Room is located at 2300 Wisconsin Ave #200B in Glover Park, in the same building as Starbucks at the corner of Wisconsin Ave and Hall Place.

Here's an excerpt from their website:

A room for your money

Insomnia Escape Room D.C. prides itself on providing an immersive escape game experience. We have props that feel right, sets that will take you back in time. What else does Insomnia offer?

  • Carefully crafted room design with professional, movie-grade props

  • Game mechanics designed by seasoned escape room experts

  • A professional game-master to help you out if you ever get stuck

  • No jump-scares

  • Ideal for birthdays, team-buildings, friends and family!

Will you succeed in completing the mission and change the course of history? Come on in, but you have been warned!


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