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Leaf Collection in Glover Park

The DC Department of Public Works will collect leaves twice this season, on the following schedule for Glover Park:

We are Ward 3, Area "E":

Cycle 1: rake leaves by December 4th, for collection December 5th-9th

Cycle 2: rake leaves by January 8th for collection January 9th-13th


  • Rake leaves into the tree box area between the street and sidewalk. DPW will rake leaves into the street just prior to vacuuming.

  • You may leave loose leaves, or bag in paper bags.

  • Do not rake leaves into the street, as it causes a hazard for cars and pedestrians, and can clog gutters.

  • Remove sticks, rocks, dirt, trash and other debris which may damage vacuuming equipment.

  • Bagged leaves may also be discarded in regular trash, but will not be composted.


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