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Saigon Kitchen to Open in Glover Park

A Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon Kitchen, is expected to open in the Spring of 2017 in the former JP's strip club space. JP's had a troubled history in recent years: regular protests from residents; gutted by a mysterious fire in 2008; vacant for 5 years then briefly re-opened in 2014 only to fall behind on rent payments and ultimately succumb to eviction.

The building, located at 2412 Wisconsin Avenue between All-About Burger and the Mason Inn, has been vacant since the eviction. It is owned by the Alafoginis family, which also owns the building housing the Mad Fox Taproom as well a few retail properties in Georgetown, including the former location of the Saloun bar/restaurant and the current locations of a clothing alternations shop and nail salon.

Construction of the restaurant has begun, with permits obtained to do some kitchen updating and floor and ceiling work. Saigon Kitchen Inc. has applied with the ABRA for a Class "C" liquor license with live entertainment. Though Glover Park has a partial liquor license moratorium in place, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission recently withdrew the permit for JP's, leaving one space open. If approved, it will be the second establishment in the neighborhood to be approved for live entertainment (Mason Inn currently is the only one). The liquor license hearing is scheduled for 12/12/16 and protest hearing, if applicable, for 2/8/17.

We've seen no advertising or press releases yet, but look forward to the opening of another promising restaurant in Glover Park!


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