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Trader Joe's at Holiday Inn Site in Glover Park?

Rumor has it that Trader Joe's is considering opening a store at 2101 Wisconsin Avenue, the former site of the Holiday Inn which closed in 2015 (alas, John F's at the hotel was the only place to get a full service breakfast in Glover Park). The property was deeded in 2016 to Amanda and Joshua Holland from their father, Thomas Holland of Bethesda. Their mother, Elsbeth Lael Holland, sadly passed away a few years earlier. Donahoe Companies, the longtime holder of a ground lease for the property, has assigned their interest to JBG (under the auspices of "Glover Park Residential LLC") for $31,750,000 in consideration. Jay Klug, signer for JBG, leads all their retail development. JBG plans to partner with another developer to create the retail space and 200+ apartments above.

Some already claim that this is a Georgetown project, but is this location north of Whitehaven Street and east of Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown or Glover Park?? Many are not clear on where the Georgetown border ends, but it is Glover Park's ANC3B in talks with JBG about the plans. Whole Foods, located in Glover Park, also calls itself the Georgetown Whole Foods instead of the Glover Park Whole Foods. It's a loooong walk from Georgetown up the hill.

If Trader Joe's does go through with the idea, this will bring the number of major grocery stores in the Georgetown/Glover Park Wisconsin Ave corridor up to three - joining the Social Safeway and Whole Foods. Does Harris Teeter want a piece of the pie? Stay tuned. Can't' wait for more traffic.....


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