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Trader Joe's Confirmed in Glover Park

The rumors are true - Trader Joe's is coming to Glover Park! Residents have been anticipating the opening of Trader Joe's in the neighborhood (see March 2017 article), especially now that it seems Whole Foods might never re-open due to the litigation with its landlord. Trader Joe's formally has applied for a liquor license with the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) - the telltale sign that a business is moving forward with plans.

Though the location of the store - the former Holiday Inn at 2101 Wisconsin Avenue - borders on Georgetown and often is called "Georgetown", the neighborhood review falls under the sole jurisdiction of Glover Park's Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC-3B). The store will be located in the new mixed-use development called the Glover House (see website). JBG, along with partners, is well underway in the construction of the 226 apartments and retail space, though due to the scale of the project they do not anticipate opening until 2019.

A representative from Trader Joe's will be offering some information about its plans at the next ANC3B meeting on October 12th, open to the public. ABRA has set a deadline of November 13th, 2017 for any protest petitions regarding the liquor license, followed by a license roll-call hearing on November 27th, and then a protest hearing, if necessary, on January 24th, 2018. The liquor license is categorized as a "Class B Full Service Grocery License." Trader Joe's also has requested a tasting permit so that they may serve beverage samples on site.


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