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Domino's Pizza Coming to Glover Park

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Domino's Pizza is planning to open a store in Glover Park in the near future in the location of the former Consulate of El Salvador at 2332 Wisconsin Avenue in the Calvert Center building. The Calvert Center also houses Bruegger's Bagels, Chipotle and The US Post Office, and has that large surface parking area in the back, off of 37th Street. Those of you who have been in the neighborhood a while will remember Pizza Hut in Chipotle's current location. Right now, neighbors need to travel down to Georgetown or up to Tenleytown for Domino's carryout - either option being a pain during rush hour. Arcuri and Angelico Pizza are the two current carryout options in Glover Park.

Domino's will need a zoning variance plus a special exception from the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment to operate a sit-down, take-out and delivery operation in this location. According to Ann Mladinov and Jackie Blumenthal of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC3B), the special exception relates to a required brick wall around a trash receptacle though the existing one is wood; and a zoning variance is needed since the operation is considered "fast food" and the parking lot which is zoned residential borders the building lot, which is against the rules for this particular MU-27 zoning (see Fast Food Special Exception requirements).

Domino's representatives have made a presentation to Glover Park's ANC requesting neighborhood approval of the variance. The ANC did bring up concerns about trash, parking (including delivery vehicle parking) and hours, which would be the typical issues to discuss under the zoning rules. The Consulate did have a number of reserved spaces in the Calvert Center's lot which have gone unused for many months now. Domino's will be taking only a part of the remaining space for lease, which leaves room for another business at the Calvert Center. The ANC will vote on Domino's request at their next meeting on November 2nd. It is likely that if the ANC approves a plan it will pass BZA approval at their hearing barring any strong protest.


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