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Whole Foods Eviction Case Has Gone Quiet

The U.S. District Court in DC was a flurry of activity with Whole Foods and Wical case filings from June through the end of September after Whole Foods sued for injunctive relief from their landlord's eviction notice. Motions, threats, complaints, notices, schedulings, replies and orders flew back and forth with strongly worded statements from their attorneys. Then - silence. Crickets. Not a single case filing has gotten on the docket in the past five weeks. Not a single hearing has been scheduled since. Are they in out-of-court settlement talks finally? Mum's the word, but this author suspects that is the case. Possibly it is wishful thinking, but a quick settlement could either get Whole Foods opened again within six months, or get Glover Park a major new tenant even quicker, if the landlord has been pursuing that in the meantime.

Stay tuned, and read the history of the case here:


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