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Lots of Vacancy and Change in Glover Park

Glover Park's commercial strip on Wisconsin Avenue changes regularly with the ebbs and flows of capitalism, but lately we are experiencing a high number of changes and property vacancies. A total of over 150,000 square feet of commercial space in this small 5 block area is in flux at the moment! Here is a summary of what is going on:

Pearson's Liquor 2436 Wisconsin Ave

This neighborhood icon, in business since 1933, is up for sale - both the building and the business. The owners would like to exit the liquor business. If you happen to have access to $5.2 million it could be yours! Don't fret, Pearson's is open for business in the meantime.

International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) 2461 Wisconsin Ave

You've seen that drab beige office building on the corner of Wisconsin and Calvert Street - not the most attractive building but could be a trophy property with over 11,000 square feet of highly visible space! It has been vacant for years, with a drawn-out sealed-bid sale process under way. They might have a buyer, but they are trying to figure out how the space can be used under the current zoning.

Bruegger's Bagels 2334 Wisconsin Ave

They closed last week. In fact, they closed all of their DC stores. Windows papered over. I imagine after the Ecuadoran Consulate closed last year they lost significant daytime business. The owner of the Calvert Center complex will be seeking a new tenant.

El Salvadoran Consulate 2330 Wisconsin Ave

They closed this location in the Calvert Center complex over a year ago, and finally the landlord has secured one new tenant (but they still need another to fill the space). Domino's Pizza likely will be moving in, under significant protest from some neighbors who don't want them. They have received tentative ANC approval and now must obtain an exception from the Board of Zoning Adjustment to proceed. Odds of success are high. See prior Blog article

Bourbon 2348 Wisconsin Ave

Bourbon has been closed, fenced and boarded for more than two years as the business has been trying to figure out how to re-work the space and get approval for their plans. Plans still are hung up on how they can use outdoor space under the current zoning and neighborhood restrictions. No timeline on opening yet. Bourbon also operates a restaurant (coincidentally named Bourbon) in Adams Morgan.

Heritage India 2400 Wisconsin Ave

Heritage India closed last year and moved up the street to Cleveland Park, where they owners felt they had better street presence and the opportunity for outdoor seating. Heritage India had been in Glover Park for decades. The 3800 square foot space still is available, no takers yet. It's a tough spot up on the second floor back from street view, but has lots of space. See prior Blog article

Subway 2216 Wisconsin Ave

The landlord has advertised the 2400 square foot space for lease, yet Subway continues to operate in this location with no signs of closing. You may have read recently how Subway is under pressure with overall store sales down 25% this year.

Whole Foods 2323 Wisconsin Ave

As most neighbors know by now, Whole Foods closed in early March and has been in a legal battle with their landlord, who is seeking to evict them. The 46,000 square foot store remains demolished inside, and papered on the outside, with no clear ending in sight, yet this author believes an out-of-court settlement could be coming soon, which could help to get the store open in 6 months. Maybe wishful thinking. See prior Blog article

Tennis Zone 2319 Wisconsin Ave

The owner of the building where Tennis Zone operates on the first floor has been quietly seeking a plan to re-let the entire space, or half the space, to another tenant. The owner has stated that their is no pressure on Tennis Zone, they are free to stay if they wish. He is in talks with a yoga instructor to use half the space for a yoga studio. See prior Blog article

The Regency 2141 Wisconsin Ave

This is a mixed use (commercial office, residential condo) building at the south end of the neighborhood. Currently 4000 square feet of office space is publicly advertised for lease.

Georgetown Plaza 2233 Wisconsin Ave

That monolithic "brutalist-style" office building (popular with federal governments and communist countries from the 1960's-80's) which also houses Einstein Bagels, Breadsoda and Glover Park hardware. It's actually kind of nice on the inside. 15,000 square feet of office space are publicly advertised for lease at the moment, about 10% over the overall space.


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