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Christmas Tree and Leaf Pickup

Here's the Christmas tree and leaf pickup plan for Glover Park:

1) Christmas Trees - will NOT be collected from the street-front tree box areas this year. Do not leave your tree in the tree box area as it will not be collected. Instead they will be collected at the location of your regular trash and recycling pickup (typically in the alleys). The collection will be from January 13th through February 2nd. They have not been more specific about the Glover Park pickup day.

2) Leaf Collection - the city has done two runs through Glover Park already, though one more is planned. Will it happen? I don't know for sure. Rake any leaves (no branches or trash) into the tree box area near the curb. They do not need to be bagged as DPW uses a giant vacuum. Do not rake or blow leaves into the street as it causes traffic and drainage issues. Our last scheduled vacuum window is January 8th - 12th.


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