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30,000 Square Feet of Office Flex Space to Open in Glover Park

MakeOffices, a provider of flexible office space, is finishing the build-out of 30,000 square feet of office space at 2201 Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park. See their website here. They refer to it as "co-working" space, in which you may rent private offices or individual desks by the month. Amenities include a large common area, conference rooms, call rooms, snack/beverage service, WiFi, reception, networking events, a parking garage and more.

Do you work from home but would feel more connected and motivated with professional office space? Does your corporation need a location for some employees to telecommute? Do you have peak periods during the year when you need to meet lots of clients or gather employees together? Are you running a start-up and full-time office space seems out of reach on a budget? The flexible office space trend might be for you, and now it is in Glover Park!

MakeOffices is planning for a February 2018 grand opening with tours. They have the entire second floor of the building, which also houses the Chinese Embassy visa section, Saint John's Community Services, and The Meridian luxury apartments. The abundance of glass and natural light combined with the modern finishes makes the space professional and inviting to work and meet people. MakeOffices recently opened similar space at The Wharf in the SW Waterfront area, a very trendy location all of a sudden.


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