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Mixed Use Development on Pearson's Parking Lot

Petra Development closed on their purchase of the Pearson's Liquor parking lot in Glover Park at 2430 Wisconsin Avenue on October 5th, 2017 and has filed permit applications for a mixed-use development on the vacant lot. See prior blog article on the sale of the parking lot. Preliminary permitting indicates a four-story structure with retail on the ground level and six residential units above for over 18,000 finished square feet in total. There will be parking in the rear off of 37th Street and an elevator in the building. Petra Development, led by Rashid Salem, has focused on luxury single-family and condo conversions in the DC area, so this mixed-use project is a departure from their typical project. Mr. Rashid says the residential units will be "ultra-luxury", and there will be two commercial spaces, one in which Petra will be launching a design center. The original asking price for the parking lot was $5.3 million and it sold for $4.675 million.

Construction permits were filed by the Akseizer Design Group, a design and architecture firm led by Jeff Akseizer and based in Alexandria, VA. ADG has designed multi-family, condo, and commercial projects in the DC area as well as New York. Petra and Akseizer also filed a public space permit application to close off the Wisconsin Avenue driveway access to the parking lot so that the only vehicle access would be at the back off of 37th Street. Approval would end the vehicle "cut-through" from Wisconsin Avenue to 37th Street to get to the Glover Park neighborhood. The public space proposal went before the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC3B) in April and the commission resolved to submit to DDOT (the organization responsible for public space permits) their opposition to approval of this permit for the time being. Their reason relates to a legal dispute regarding a claim from the Pearson's Liquor owner that they were entitled to a Right of First Refusal to purchase during the sale process. No lawsuit has been identified as of yet, stay tuned for more info on this.....


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