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Glover Park Starbucks Closing

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The Glover Park Starbucks at 2302 Wisconsin Avenue is closing permanently around the end of March 2019. The property manager, Mia Lovink, confirmed that they have given their notice. Ms. Lovink said that they appeared to be doing a good business in this location but suspects that it did not fit into Starbucks' long term plan. Starbucks announced in June 2018 a national plan to close 150 stores largely in urban areas in response to weak sales growth.

This coffee shop has been a fixture in Glover Park for many years, with it's highly visible corner location and 1000 square feet of raised patio fronting Wisconsin Avenue. It has been a great place for neighbors to chat, have a business meeting, hang out for the free WiFi or just to people-watch on this bustling corner. The closing is yet one more business shutting it's doors in the wake of the Whole Foods closing in 2017 (though no evidence to suggest this was Starbucks' reason for closing). Whole Foods still is mired in a legal dispute with it's landlord while neighbors and businesses hope for a settlement. See the background on the Whole Foods situation here.

Ms. Lovink has been in talks already with possible new tenants, including a daycare and restaurant. The visible corner location with large patio in a high-traffic area should be highly desirable for a new business. The space is advertised for rent at $36-45 per square foot per year. If you wish to try to keep Starbucks here, we can start a petition - hope is not lost until they lock the door or the landlord signs a new tenant.....


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