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Georgetown Carpet Building Sold to Developer

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The building which has housed Georgetown Carpet for decades - 2208 Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park - was sold to a developer in January 2019. The one-level building with 100 feet of plate glass street frontage wedged between Sweetgreen and Subway, and showcasing carpets and rugs with neon lights has been kind of a landmark in Glover Park. The building has been owned by the Klein family (Sam, Sadie, Carol, Benson and maybe a few others I don't know about...) since 1958, when Sam and Sadie assumed the existing loan of $165K on the property. They re-sold it for $6 million and Benson's EagleBank has financed the project. Put your money in real estate....

The property covers four adjacent lots of 25 feet of street frontage each - a prime space to build. Jay Gross, CEO of Coba Properties, purchased it and plans to build 30-40 condo units with ground level retail according to Bisnow reporter Joe Banister. A construction inspection for a 4-story plus basement mixed-use building with parking and roof decks has been filed with DCRA and is in the planning and design phase. The current plan is matter-of-right so it is likely they will not need Board of Zoning or ANC approval to proceed. The Georgetown Carpet building will be demolished. The owner of Georgetown Carpet has been looking for a new location for the business and would like to stay in the area. By the way, don't be surprised if the same thing happens to the Whole Foods building. Just speculating about the speculators...

The survey of the 2208 Wisconsin Ave from 1957


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