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Slate Wine Bar to Re-Open in a Few Weeks

Slate Wine Bar at 2404 Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park is closed for renovations as chef and owner Danny Lledo finishes creating his vision for a second restaurant upstairs named Xiquet. In addition, he is renovating the Slate first floor space to expand the bar area while adjusting the menu. Danny is hopeful Slate will re-open by mid-August, and Xiquet will open a couple of weeks later. For practical purposes in dealing with city procedures, this schedule could be delayed a week or two but things are moving along.

The cuisine of Xiquet will have influences from Danny's heritage in Valencia, Spain and Xiquet (meaning "local boy") was a nickname given to him by his family. Menu features will include paella and suckling pig roasted over an open flame in the new wood burning oven. Imagine the smell from an open will want to go in and sit down. Danny will assume the role of head chef for Xiquet to spread his passion for paella, as evidenced by his multiple awards from paella competitions nationwide. He has hired a second head chef for Slate Wine Bar and will be directly involved as well.

Danny is excited to have his restaurant in Glover Park and plans to stay long term. Business has been good at his fine-dining restaurant. Reservations and revenue have been on the upswing. It goes to show that there is no one cookie-cutter model for restaurant success in Glover Park - each must find their niche and their passion, and Danny Lledo has succeeded at both.


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