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New Closings and Openings in Glover Park

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

The Glover Park commercial strip on Wisconsin Avenue is active in these dog days of summer. Here are the most recent business closings and openings:

Tennis Zone Plus Moving Out

Tennis Zone Plus at 2319 Wisconsin Avenue is closing their Glover Park location and moving uptown to Tenleytown at 4839 Wisconsin Ave, NW in search of a new and better horizon. Their opening is scheduled for August 18th, 2019.

Chase Bank Moving In

Tennis Zone will be replaced by Chase Bank at 2319 Wisconsin Ave. This will be the second bank in Glover Park, as Wells Fargo does business across the street. Chase will be doing some updating of the facade of the building and interior renovations and should open later this year.

Surfside Moving Out

The owner of Surfside has decided to close it's Glover Park location rather than running this one plus the new one in Tenleytown at 4200 Wisconsin simultaneously. They did a pretty good business here, but as with other such restaurants a good portion of it was lower-margin delivery. The transition likely will take place this Fall.

Point Chaud Crepes Opening

Point Chaud, which is replacing the Starbucks at 2300 Wisconsin, will be opening around August 15th. They were waiting on their awning, chairs, tables and some equipment to be delivered and then they are ready to go! Get ready to grab a crepe and a coffee and sit out on the patio again. See prior article.

Laliguras Opening Soon

Laliguras, the new Nepalese restaurant at 2334 Wisconsin Ave, will be opening pretty soon. They got hung up on some DCRA permitting issue but it seems to be resolved now. This is their second location after their Van Ness Laliguras restaurant on Connecticut Ave. .See prior article.

Slate Wine Bar

Re-opening in a few weeks at 2404 Wisconsin Ave after renovation and the addition of a paella restaurant upstairs. See recent article.

Still Closed and in Limbo

Rite Aid space - CVS wins the battle?

Whole Foods - don't get me started. Trial starting soon. See article(s)

Heritage India space - vacant a long time now. They moved up to Tenleytown too - what's so great about Tenleytown!??


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