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Whole Foods Requests a Trial Date ASAP

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Whole Foods has made a motion in court to have judge Royce Lamberth set a trial date as soon as possible and then rule on their lawsuit with their landlord (see prior articles for background on the case). Whole Foods stated that they must provide the landlord notice of their first lease renewal by January 31st, 2020 and seeks to get this matter resolved before then. They believe a trial should only take five days, despite the 2.5 years the lead-up has taken so far.

Wical LP, the landlord, unofficially opposed setting a trial date now since there are a number of motions on the table. Assuming the Judge is back from summer vacation and ready to get down to business, expect a ruling soon on Whole Foods' motion for judgment in their favor, Wical's motion for judgment in their favor, each side opposing the other's motions, rulings on who can and cannot testify and then a decision on a trial date. It all could happen quickly, unless past performance is an indication of the future. Stay tuned.


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