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Town Hall Closing Permanently on Sunday

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Town Hall, a popular restaurant and bar for the past 14 years at 2340 Wisconsin Ave NW in Glover Park, is closing permanently on Sunday 9/29/19. Their parting press release is below. It is likely they experienced the pressure on profits others in Glover Park and restaurants across the city have been experiencing: increased competition, high rents, the increase in delivery vs. sit-down business among other factors.

Here is an update on other businesses/properties in Glover Park currently in flux:

Whole Foods - closed 2.5 years, awaiting trial to settle their lawsuit soon.

Angelico Pizza - pondering closing, finding a new tenant or franchisee at end of this year

Slate Wine Bar - closed for renovations and a new paella sister-restaurant concept

Surfside - closing at the end of the year

Bourbon - still closed 3 years later. Applied for new renovation permits.

Mason Inn - closed, no new tenant yet, owner had plans to renovate the space himself

Heritage India - they moved uptown to Tenleytown. Still vacant after 2.5 years.

Rite Aid - closed, landlord looking for new tenant

Tennis Zone - closed, and moved to Tenleytown. Chase Bank will take space after renovations

Point Chaud Crepes - opening soon in Starbucks space. They have been delayed by city inspections

Laliguras - opening soon after an agonizing year of permitting and renovations. Unclear if they can keep their Connecticut Avenue restaurant now or if they will focus only on Glover Park.


"To our all our guests, neighbors, and those we've come to call family and friends, All good things must come to an end and we will be closing our doors for good following this Sunday 9/29.

We want to thank you our guests for all your support and all the good times over the years. There have been many fond memories within these walls, and perhaps a few best left to posterity. We also want to thank our staff. Town Hall would be nothing without the hard work of the hundreds of people who helped make TH what it was over the years. We are still proud to say we have Day 1 staff from 14 years ago, and we will endeavor to find new homes for everyone. Our staff was like family with many of you, and in some cases started families of their own. We're proud of the multiple marriages and children that came to be as part of our extended work family, and a little bit of our legacy lives on in them.

We want to thank our landlord for all their support over the years, and we will work with them to help establish a new operator and ensure a good fit for the neighborhood. We truly think there is a great opportunity here in Glover Park, but its time for someone else to take up the reins. We've had the pleasure to make some lifelong friends at TH. We've been a part of many of your lives over the years, as you have ours. We've celebrated the happy - weddings, birthdays, promotions, and commemorated the sad - funerals, divorces, and job losses. We've always wanted TH to be a place where you always felt at home, regardless of where you were in life, and we hope you'll join us for one last weekend as we prepare to say goodbye. Thank you for everything"


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