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"Bottoms Up" in Glover Park

Are you wondering where you can grab a drink or buy a bottle in Glover Park? It's not much of a challenge. The licenses from the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), as well as the businesses, ebb and flow in the neighborhood, and right now you have sixteen choices. Here are four recent updates:

Cafe Romeo's License Cancelled

Nimellis Pizzeria LLC, d.b.a. "Cafe Romeo's" at 2132 Wisconsin Ave was shut down by the DC Regulatory Authority and the Health Department in September for various violations. They had their liquor license in "safekeeping" status with ABRA, which required renewal on September 30th, 2019. Nimellis Pizzeria failed to request an extension of safekeeping so ABRA cancelled the license. Those are valuable pieces of paper. The restaurant remains shuttered with no known plan to re-open.

Dumplings & Beyond Applies

Dumplings & Beyond, a Chinese restaurant at 2400 Wisconsin Ave NW above Arcuri, submitted an application on 11/8/19 for a class "C" license to sell beer, wine and spirits. The public protest period is open until 12/23/19, and a final hearing to review any protests in scheduled for 2/26/20 before issuing the license. The restaurant applied for a "stipulated license" to get the corks popping and taps flowing immediately rather than waiting for the protest period to end. A stipulated license requires Advisory Neighborhood Commission approval, which they received and presented to the ABRA Board, which approved the stipulated license on 11/20/19.

Chasqa Applies

The newly opened Chasqa restaurant (a.k.a. Laliguras) at 2332 Wisconsin Ave in the Calvert Center building applied on 11/15/19 for a class "C" license to sell beer, wine and spirits. The public protest period ends 12/30/19 and then a final protest hearing is scheduled for March 4th, 2020 before issuing the license. Chasqa petitioned the ANC back in July for a stipulated license and received approval. The ANC approval was presented to ABRA and approved on 11/27/19. Note that any protest received by ABRA would cause a stipulated license to be suspended automatically and serving alcohol would stop immediately until the protest hearing date.

Surfside Dodges a Bullet

Surfside, at 2444 Wisconsin Ave NW, is closing it's doors for good at the end of this year and opening a new larger restaurant up in Tenleytown at 4200 Wisconsin Ave in the near future. They plan to have a summer garden with 96 seats as well as a sidewalk cafe with 64 seats. They applied for a new liquor license there, and were hit with a protest notice from the ANC3E. The ANC protested the "adverse impact on peace, order and quiet." This had the potential to thwart Surfside's plans or at least delay or change them. A hearing was scheduled for 6/24/19. At 10:06 am ABRA Board member LaVerne Fletcher called out to ask if the parties were present. Surfside's representative responded, yet the ANC rep was nowhere to be found. Ms. Fletcher looked at her watch and said she would wait only five more minutes, because the hearing was scheduled at 10:00. After five minutes and no ANC rep speaking up she tersely dismissed the protest. When a protest is dismissed for no-show reasons, the protester has 10 days to request reinstatement. The ANC did request reinstatement on the grounds it had a "scheduling error." ABRA ruled on July 10th 2019 that such a reason is not grounds for reinstatement and upheld the dismissal. In a sense, Surfide got a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. Lesson learned - ABRA wields much power and is very busy, don't miss appointments and be prepared if you want to be heard. Duh.

Here are the 18 active liquor license holders in Glover Park:

  • Trader Joe's

  • Wide World Of Wines

  • Wingo's

  • Breadsoda

  • Sushi Keiko

  • The Good Guys Restaurant

  • Sprig & Sprout

  • Town Hall (closed permanently)

  • Arcuri

  • Slate Wine Bar & Bistro (closed for renovations)

  • Glover Park Market

  • Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company

  • Old Europe

  • Pearson's Wine and Spirits

  • Surfside (closing in 2 weeks)

  • Glover Park Hotel

  • Chasqa (stipulated, pending any protests)

  • Dumplings & Beyond (stipulated, pending any protests)


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