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Brazen Assault of Child in Glover Park

As daylight waned around 5:00 pm on Sunday February 5th, a group of three males assaulted and robbed a 14-year-old child who attends the Field School which is located on the other side of Glover Archbold Park. The child was hit and robbed of a cell phone on 42nd Street along the edge of the parkland in Glover Park around the intersection of Beecher Street. The police report indicates a gun was involved in the attack. Apparently, no arrests have been made and the three assailants remain at large.

Though it is not clear if any involved used the trail across Glover Archbold Park (see map), it does raise a concern about this heavily wooded and relatively isolated path considering the presence of violent criminals in the neighborhood. Walk in groups (and advise your children to do the same), avoid the trail and such isolated areas at dawn or dusk, or after dark and keep the earphones/buds off in less-trafficked areas to remain completely aware of who is around you. i-phones can be set up so that holding the left and right buttons brings up an emergency call button to 911 so you don’t need to fumble with it in an emergency.

Descriptions of the assailants from the Metro Police Department are below. Please call 911 if you suspect you have spotted them and do not approach - one or more might be armed:

  • Three black male juveniles

  • Suspect #1: 5’10”-5’11” white hoodie

  • Suspects #2 and #3: 5’7”-5’8” black or white hoodies

  • All three wearing ski masks

  • Last seen walking down Beecher Street in Glover Park

Remember that calling the police does not result in a “crime report.” You must compel the MPD to fill out a report if you wish to have the crime on record and investigated. Many crimes are going unrecorded these days in the sense that they do not show up in crime statistics. Also, tell your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner to raise hell with MPD about these crimes. Neighborhood patrols are down or non-existent because MPD does not have the resources.

Chris Jones


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