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Emergency Food Initiative Needs Help from Glover Park

Lucie Leblois, Alysa MacClellan, Krista Weymouth and Katie DeGroft (two of whom are Glover Park and Stoddert Elementary moms) have been running the DC Food Project since founding the organization in 2018. Their Emergency Weekend Bag Program, which provides food to students in need, has greatly expanded in scope and has taken on a whole new level of importance during this pandemic. Now, they have partnered with DC Central Kitchen to reach an additional 675 families in need across the city. They continue to work with the DC public schools for distribution despite current closures. Take a look at the statistics below. They really need your help now to continue funding this effort, which will grow in importance as we head into the new year.

DC Food Project Statistics:

  • 320,000 meals delivered since the pandemic began

  • 2,600 families helped so far

  • 675 more families added with the DC Central Kitchen partnership

  • DC “food insecurity” rate is up 60% (from 10% to 16%) since pre-pandemic according to the DC Office of Planning

  • 82,000 people in DC now experience food insecurity

  • With the current magnitude of the program supply costs alone now run $10,000 per week

  • $100 from you will provide much needed emergency weekend bags for 4 families (you may contribute any amount you wish and is much appreciated)

Check out this long list of “free” meal locations. It is only free if generous people support and fund it though, and your help most definitely is needed now. Please consider donating to the Emergency Weekend Bag Program HERE at the DC Food Project website. Your donation means more meals and more people in need helped.

Photo From D.C. Central Kitchen


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