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Glover Park D2 Bus Route Intact

The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has released the details of its Metrobus route changes as part of its 2021 budget proposal to "Reduce Overlapping and Less Productive Metrobus Service." See background in prior blog article. The D2 route will remain intact, though G2 riders from Georgetown University are not as lucky.

See the proposed D2/G2 merged route at the graphics below. The proposed D2/G2 route to Dupont Circle is the same as the D2 route now, yet it continues on to Howard University area (the old G2 route). G2 riders from Georgetown will need to walk up to Q Street to get on the bus starting July 1st, 2020. One advantage this change provides the D2 riders is direct access to 14th Street, Logan Circle and and easy walk to the Convention Center and Chinatown area with no Metrorail transfer Now the wildcard is what the new schedule will be and how often the D2/G2 buses will come....


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