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Live Music Returns to Glover Park!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

People wonder whether life can ever be the same again. Glover Park neighbors enjoyed the restaurants, the comedy shows, the music, the big games on big screens, the speakers - and then it all stopped. Slowly, slowly we are coming back. Most restaurants are open for sit-down service. Now, the new Ghostline restaurant in the old Town Hall space at 2340 Wisconsin Ave NW is bringing back live music to the neighborhood, starting tonight!

As Ghostline's service ramps up to sit-down from "take-out-and-delivery", they have planned a weekly live performance, every Friday night on their back patio. Tonight, the Sharon Clark Quartet will hold two performances (each an hour long) at 7pm and 9pm. Sharon Clark is a popular jazz musician who has performed with the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra and the Baltimore Symphony, and in numerous venues in the US and Europe. Joe Brotherton grew up in Nashville and is accomplished with the trumpet since and early age. His jazz quartet played regularly in Adams Morgan in DC as well as up and down the east coast. He will be the star performer next Friday evening at the same times.

Come back to the Glover Park Events calendar regularly! You'll be pleasantly surprised as the events start to pop up again after many empty months. These Ghostline events will be popular, and there are no walk-ins. You must sign up online, and best to do it well in advance. Nothing is forever, life will return to normal - even the schools, we hope...


9/23/20 Update: After Sharon Clark's performances Ghostline has decided to suspend future live music events until the Spring due to the cold evenings while they evaluate some winterizing options.


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