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Voting in Glover Park

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you have not lived in DC for a long time, the voting process can be a bit confusing. Then again, even if you have lived here a long time it can be confusing. Below is some information on getting your vote counted:

In-Person Voting on November 3rd

The Glover Park voting location is Guy Mason Rec Center at 3600 Calvert St NW.

Voting will be open from 7am through 8pm.

Mail-in Voting

All residents should have received their ballot in the mail by now. If you want it and didn't get it call this number 1-866-328-6837.

Follow the instructions exactly here. Incorrectly submitted ballots might be tossed out.

Drop-Off Ballot

Guy Mason Rec Center is a ballot drop-off location and is open now until 8pm on 11/3 if you are concerned about putting your ballot in the mail or attending in person. The box is in the parking lot between the dog park and the Naval Observatory fence.

Early In-Person Voting

Guy Mason Rec Center is NOT an early voting location.

Hardy Middle School across from Safeway at 1813 35th Street IS an early voting location and will be open starting 10/27 from 8:30 am to 7 pm each day until 11/2, and then on 11/3 for election day voting.

Special Ballot Voting

If they think you are voting a second time, or you are missing ID, or you are listed as having received an absentee ballot, or you moved, or changed parties, or for some other reason here, you might be required to vote by special ballot. If your situation is out of the ordinary, check the list before you arrive so you are not surprised.


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