• Chris Jones

Walking Dead in Glover Park

The Glover Park ghouls have escaped their basement prison once again, and they are not social distancing! They might eat your brains or breathe near you - choose your horror. You will find the undead roaming 38th Street, between Benton Street and W Street.

Werewolves, zombies, witches, skeletons, mummies, rodents (Whole Foods' worst nightmare), pumpkin heads, angels of death, creepy kids, creepy clowns and more are keeping neighbors cowering in their houses. The display is courtesy of neighbor Allen Chester of Muddy Paws dog walking. He has worked tirelessly this year and in past years setting up these monsters. It might be a bit intense for some youngsters, and some of your pets too! Check out the slideshow below and use your judgment - don't risk losing your lives or your souls to these creatures!

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