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2334 Huidekoper Place for Sale

2334 Huidekoper Place is a traditional 1936 Glover Park home with four bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The opened main level floor plan brings all-day brightness and connects the kitchen to the living and dining areas, as well as the rear deck.

The home has had many upgrades as well as many original features preserved, including the solid oak flooring. The serene and private rear garden can double as a private parking space. Downstairs, a full 1BR in-law suite offers comfortable and bright added living space at walk-out level to the garden.

Click photo for virtual tour. Contact me for private showing.

Many people have asked in the past: how do you pronounce "Huidekoper" and who was the street named after? Some pronounce it "hide-a-cooper" and some say "hide-a-coper". The street was named after Frederic W. Huidekoper, who was a Pennsylvania railroad and steel baron in the late 1800's and eventually relocated his headquarters to the Washington, DC area. He also dabled in real estate speculation including the current area comprising the neighborhood of Glover Park. Mr. Huidekoper was buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown in 1908.


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