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Time Financial Supplies Stoddert Garden

Earlier this summer I was contacted by Rhonda Ecker, a representative of Time Financial, seeking an opportunity for her group to help improve our Stoddert Elementary School garden ("The Outdoor Classroom") in Glover Park. Hannah Schiff, our wonderful Stoddert Garden coordinator, said the garden always is in need of seeds during fall and spring plantings, as well as other small gardening items. Time Financial organized a donation from all of it's DC summer conference attendees and delivered seeds, seedling sticks, gloves, bandanas, miracle grow and gardening books after their conference! Stoddert is grateful for the generous donations and the students will have lots of resources this year for hands-on learning in the garden.

By the way, a 4000 square foot garden needs garden volunteers! Hannah needs your help to maintain the garden, water, create garden art and even take care of the chickens when they arrive! Please consider signing up. You don't even need to be associated with Glover Park or Stoddert or have kids there to help out!

In previous years, Time Financial coordinated donations from their conference attendees in Chicago to help cats and dogs awaiting adoption, and in Seattle to help kids at the local Children's Hospital.

A little bit about Time Financial:

TIME, a Crump company, is the planning and insurance consultant to Financial Advisor Firms throughout the entire United States (like UBS, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, etc.). TIME brings expertise in estate and tax planning, business planning, charitable planning, and life insurance to the clients of Financial Advisors. This partnership allows the Financial Advisor to provide a comprehensive process to their clients, without losing focus on their own area of specialty. TIME provides the advisor with a single resource for all of their planning and insurance needs.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our client Firms with a comprehensive, highly professional, outsourced life insurance distribution solution via a national, multi-carrier, employee-based point-of-sale and internal support platform. Through objectivity and integrity, we strive to be the most comprehensive life insurance sales specialists servicing the financial services industry.

“Our job is to support and enhance Advisors’ relationships with their clients. That means we must place objectivity, integrity, and the quality of our work before other considerations. By providing this level of service, unmatched in the industry, we become partners with Financial Advisors and their Firms in developing a profitable and complementary area of their business.”


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