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Halloween in Glover Park

Halloween is a big deal in Glover Park. We will be overrun by hoards of costumed trick-or-treaters and parents. Come join the fun - the main drags for trick-or-treating are Benton Street and Beecher Street, and the blocks that connect them, though the surrounding streets also get visits. Stock up on treats and hang around your porch if you are in the target zone!

Here is a list of Halloween fun in the neighborhood:

Stoddert Elementary School Halloween Costume Parade

  • Monday 10/30 at 2:00

  • All students will parade around the large Stoddert block (Calvert/39th/Davis)

  • It's a sight to see. Many teachers and staff will be in costume as well

Glover Park Neighborhood Costume Parade

  • Tuesday 10/31, 5:30 pm

  • Begins at Stoddert Elementary, to 39th Place, Benton, Huidekoper, Beecher, 39th St and back to Stoddert.

  • All are welcome to participate


  • Tuesday 10/31, crowds build up just before sunset and go to about 8:30 or so.

  • Kids must be bused in from the whole region, because we can't have that many kids in Glover Park can we?

The Zombie Apocalypse

  • 10/31 during trick-or-treating time

  • Take a break from Trick-or-Treating and come see the elaborate, spooky, scary Zombie Apocalypse on W Street between Observatory and Huidekoper

  • Arranged by a couple of our neighbors who apparently really like Halloween!

  • Are your kids brave enough to go up the stairs? (not mine, maybe this year...)


  • Saigon Kitchen

  • 10/31, late night costume party. Free shooters in costume. Music by DJ Sunshine


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