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DC Water's Green Infrastructure Begins

Heard from neighbors: "Why is all that heavy machinery rumbling through the neighborhood recently?" Last month DC Water began contstruction of the Glover Park phase of its Green Infrastructure (GI) Project. The project is entited "Potomac River Project A" and is the first GI project under the billion-dollar DC Clean Rivers plan to reduce pollution into the Potomac and Anacostia rivers from stormwater runoff and sewer overflows. The Glover Park neighborhood borders Glover Archbold Park, which contains a major old and broken sewer line and adjacent stream (Foundry Branch) running down towards the Potomac River.

This phase of the project currently encomasses 40th Street, 40th Place and 39th Place between Benton Street and W Street in Glover Park, as well as a few alleys near 39th Place. Construction includes installation of "permeable pavement" and bioretention planter areas. These structures will allow runoff to seep into the soil rather than being swept into sewers, which has caused overflow during heavy rains. The permeable pavement in the parking lane of the street also has smaller drain pipes embedded to allow excess runoff to move more slowly into the sewers to control overflow. Construction of the this phase, which includes the neighborhood of Burleith, is expected to be completed in March 2019. Construction in Georgetown might be the next phase though there is no schedule posted yet.

Bioretention Planters

Street Permeable Pavement

Alley Permeable Pavement


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