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Coming and Going in Glover Park

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Change is inevitable. Businesses come and go, as does the population. Here are some current events in Glover Park:


MARIO’S TRATTORIA - The restaurant replacing Surfside at 2444 Wisconsin Avenue is hard at work preparing the space for opening. The DC Health Inspector has cleared them for a restaurant license (after a couple of reconfiguring requirements) and the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration has granted them a liquor license. Expect a grand opening soon.

ARCHITESSA – a.k.a. “Architectural Ceramics” is opening a showroom at the new Coba development at 2208 Wisconsin Avenue – the former home of Georgetown Carpet. The mixed use development with residential above and commercial at ground level will be available for occupancy soon. Architessa has a $200,000 build-out underway and then you will be able to browse your new kitchen and bath tile in person. The DC location supplements their Bethesda, MD and Alexandria, VA showrooms. Architessa is headed by Betty Sullivan, founder and CEO, and David Benson (“DCtileguy”), President.

COMMUNIKIDS – a new pre-school opening in August 2022. See recent article for full details.


SOCIAL BEAST – a.k.a. “Ghostline” – alas, no more jazz in the courtyard. They took a chance on the ghost kitchen/food hall model here in Glover Park and it just didn’t come together fast enough. They blamed Covid as well as attempting the concept in a high rent, high maintenance, relatively huge space (5800 square feet). They lasted only a little over a year, and follow Town Hall on the way out. Owner Aaron Gordon still has his Little Beast restaurant in Chevy Chase, DC as well as a new location in Reston, VA.

GLOVER PARK DEER – many will not last the winter. The National Park Service has begun its euphemistically named “Deer Management Program” in Glover Archbold Park again this year, and it will run through March. No they are not going away to business school, they will be shot. Unfortunately something does need to be done or they will destroy the habitat for all other animals, in addition to the growing population becoming a danger to pedestrians and drivers. See prior article for details.


DOMINO’S PIZZA – has re-opened after a few months hiatus due to a kitchen fire that affected most of the Calvert Center stores. They are welcomed by neighbors especially with the closing of Social Beast and the reduced availability of fresh pizza in the neighborhood – Angelico’s now is the only other location to grab a pie.

CHIPOTLE – get that ordering app updated, as they have re-opened after a brief $100,000 renovation to improve their ordering and pickup system and in-store traffic flow considering the percentage of business now done online and using delivery services.

LALIGURAS – this Indian/Nepali bistro has re-opened full time after a few months closure due to the Calvert Center fire. Grab a table – they have lots of space for diners to spread out and they have a great menu, and they have a liquor license now. Also, they have requested and received an entertainment endorsement from the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration in conjunction with a settlement agreement with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (3B) to allow karaoke only, and to extend its operating hours and allow the entertainment until 2am on Friday and Saturday.

WHOLE FOODS – nothing new. Still planning an early 2022 grand opening when they will roll out Amazon’s innovative cashierless technology as all the world looks on. The Glover Park store is the test case, so let’s hope it is successful. Feels kind of like a SpaceX launch... See prior article.

Chris Jones


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