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Crime in Glover Park

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The 2019 crime statistics are in for Glover Park. A total of 152 crimes (average 12 per month) were reported to the the DC Metropolitan Police Department last year. See the charts below for a breakdown of neighborhood crimes by month, type and location. We got a spring surge, a summer lull, then a steady winter, so be prepared. Crime in Glover Park is up 24% from 2017, mostly due to the large increase in thefts from automobiles, which has doubled from 20 incidents in 2017 to 40 in 2019 (see chart below).

As usual, thefts and thefts from autos encompassed the vast majority of crimes. Violent crimes were low (5 reported) - one sexual assault, two assaults with a gun, and two robberies with a gun. The rest of the thefts generally are not confrontational, or at least not violently, such as thefts of purses and electronics and shoplifting from the commercial strip area on Wisconsin Avenue, bicycle thefts and vacant home break-ins. MPD's reporting of thefts lacks the detail to understand the extent of the risk to life and limb though. Interestingly, there were almost as many crimes reported in the neighborhood as on Wisconsin Avenue while nearly one-third of the crimes were perpetrated on the 2200 block of Wisconsin Ave (see map below).

Vigilance always is warranted for the most likely crimes in the area, which will continue:

1) Smash-and-grabs from cars. Thieves patrol the streets and alleys regularly at all times of the day and night. A walker will identify any belongings that look like they are worth stealing. Then in a team they will drive next the car on the street while the passenger ducks low to avoid being seen by pedestrians, drivers and cameras, then smash the window and grab the contents and flee in the car. This can happen in as little as 10 seconds. Do not leave any belongings visible.

2) Bike thefts - the bike thieves operate methodically and consistently - they patrol the alleys and secured bike areas for expensive bikes left unsecured, or anywhere a bike is on a lock that can be broken in seconds. With cutters and freezing spray for solid metal restraints, they can cut through all but the best locks in seconds. They do not seem to be interested in cheap bikes - they know what they are looking for, so don't leave your bikes out and visible!

3) Other Thefts - thefts from the commercial area include cell phones, purses and wallets left unattended, as well as shoplifting from grocery and convenience stores. There has been a rash of shoplifting reports at CVS and multiple auto smash-and-grabs from their rooftop parking lot (the infamous 2200 block of Wisconsin...). Front porch package thefts, especially around the holidays are quite common yet usually do not get reported to MPD. Home invasions generally are opportunistic and non-confrontational - people leaving their doors or windows unlocked, or not secured very well. Beware - someone could be monitoring and watching you leave. Sometimes thieves target group houses where they know some residents fail to secure the house regularly.

To summarize how you can help reduce crime in Glover Park:

  • always lock your home doors and windows. Assume someone is watching, and they are.

  • never leave an expensive bike outside in view. A lock is not security.

  • never leave items in a car that look tempting through the window.

  • Do not leave your car idling or unlocked, even for a minute.

  • get some wireless cameras (admittedly they usually do not help solve petty crimes, but the sight of them can be a deterrent, and prevention is even better)

  • keep your electronics and wallets on you or in front of you at all times on the strip.

  • report anything suspicious.

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