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In Bocca al Lupo Coming to Glover Park

Another Italian restaurant named In Bocca al Lupo will be opening in Glover Park this spring where Arcuri vacated last year at 2400 Wisconsin Avenue. The restaurant will follow Mario’s Trattoria, which opened recently at 2444 Wisconsin Avenue in the building formerly occupied by Surfside. Carolyn and Massimo Papetti quickly are becoming prolific restauranteurs in the DC metro area as the owners of I’m Eddie Cano (say that fast out loud and you’ll understand the name) which opened in Chevy Chase DC in 2018 as well as the soon-to-be-open Italian Bar a few doors down, plus Mack’s Café located at the private Merrimack Pool in Bethesda, MD.

The Papetti’s utilized the crowdfunding site called Kickstarter to help fund their Italian Bar project. Kickstarter differs from other crowdfunding in that “investors” do not receive a return on their investment nor do they even get their principal back. They could be better identified as “benefactors” and back a project because they believe in it. “Creators” who post a project must hit their target funding level or they will not receive any of the money. The Papetti’s are funded at over $20,000 currently on the Italian Bar project. They have not “Kickstarted” In Bocca al Lupo yet, but it would be interesting to see if Glover Parkers would help fund this addition to the neighborhood as they often discuss businesses they wish to support and bring to the neighborhood to help with the persistent commercial vacancy issue.

“In Bocca al Lupo” translates literally as “into the wolf’s mouth” and is the Italian way of wishing someone good luck (best not to wish an Italian good luck by translating good luck literally). The subtle meaning is that one is faced with a serious challenge and can overcome it and succeed. Carolyn started her restaurant career in East Hampton, NY where she managed Nick and Toni’s Italian restaurant while Massimo was in charge of Cittanuova nearby. Carolyn also is a certified sommelier and was the Director of Food and Beverage at the Cosmos Club in DC. Massimo is from Rome, and Carolyn lived there for seven years.

In Bocca al Lupo will follow Arcuri, Kavanagh’s Pizza and Faccia Luna (going back to 1988) in the lower level of 2400 Wisconsin Ave, and they will utilize the giant pizza oven to offer Roman-style pizzas as well as a complete Italian menu. Pizza abbondanza has been restored to Glover Park! Last month we were down to Angelico and Domino’s (see article), and now the opening of In Bocca al Lupo, Mario’s Trattoria, and Whole Foods will round out the choices for pizza fans. The Papetti’s expect to open around May if all goes well – Into the Wolf’s Mouth!

Chris Jones


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yesterday i went past whole foods just curious wanted to look around iwas refused entry never been to a grocery store wher you have to ring the doorbell very disturbing i doubt i will be shopping there i was so looking forward to the reopening the woman who opened the door was very rude &aggresive


Like the article in regards to In Bocca Al Lupo ! As a true Napolitano I will be waiting to taste their offerings

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