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Whole Foods Restoration Plans Underway!

Whole Foods has retained O’Barr Construction LLC based in Bowie, MD and ConTest Construction Engineering of Washington, DC to evaluate and complete the demolition of the Glover Park Whole Foods store prior to re-construction and re-opening. The grocery store at 2323 Wisconsin Ave NW has been closed for more than three years now due to litigation with its landlord, Wical LP. The lawsuit was settled in February, 2020, which has allowed Whole Foods to go forward with its re-opening plan (see prior articles and history here).

Whole Foods has received a permit from the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) for demolition of interior structures, including flooring, walls, ceiling, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, gas, entry door, coolers and venting, with “no change to structure, exterior or use.” Estimated cost is $410,000 for the demolition alone. A thorough asbestos testing study was done, luckily revealing no asbestos remediation necessary.

What is the grand re-opening time frame, you ask? Your guess probably is as good as mine. Based on the slowdown in the processes for permits, inspections and construction caused by Covid World, I would guess about a year.

Link to Full Architectural Drawing PDF

Download PDF • 653KB


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