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Whole Foods Lawsuit Settled!

Whole Foods and its landlord, Wical LP, were set to go to trial on May 26th, 2020 over the closing of the Glover Park store nearly three years ago, but the parties reached a settlement agreement on February 10th, 2020 - case closed (see background articles below). The agreement gives Wical the $2.7 million held in escrow since the court began collecting monthly rent payments in June 2018. Whole Foods also paid nearly $2 million rent directly to Wical during the store closing prior to that. Whole Foods received a refund of $247K in over-payment of property taxes, presumably from the DC Regulatory Authority's vacant property assessment, which was reversed on appeal to the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. As part of the settlement, each party is responsible for their own attorney fees (a few million more?). Additional terms of the agreement are undisclosed and WashPost/ABC/NBC/CNN/CBS/MSNBC/CNBC and the National Enquirer have not been able to dig up any further details.

Whole Foods plans to renovate the demolished store and re-open when renovations are complete. Considering the current state of the property and the need to re-apply for permits, it could take at least half a year to open the doors, though a timetable has not been publicized yet.

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