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Wingos Pursues Entertainment Initiatives

Wingo's Restaurant at 2218 Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park has been pursuing two onsite entertainment initiatives: 1) formalizing its Trivia Night and Comedy Night events with DC officials, and 2) seeking to add the controversial Dragon's Ascent video games to the restaurant.

Wingo's has been hosting open mic comedy nights on Tuesdays in recent months, and under the rules of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) any establishment without a class CX or DX tavern or nightclub license must submit an application and receive approval for an "entertainment endorsement" to the liquor license. One year ago, Wingo's received approval from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) to extend its hours of operations, as part of an amendment to their voluntary operating agreement with the ANC, which they inherited with the liquor license from the prior occupant. On February 13th, 2020 Wingo's entered into another agreement with the ANC (known as the Second Amendment to the agreement) to pursue an entertainment endorsement with ABRA, specifically for Trivia Night and Comedy Night, and nothing more. The ANC specifically excluded live music and a DJ in its assent to the request. The entertainment endorsement application with ANC approval was presented to ABRA on March 4th, 2020 and approved.

Now, Wingo's is seeking to add three Dragon's Ascent video games to the restaurant.This also requires ABRA approval as a "substantial change" to Wingo's liquor license. ABRA has scheduled a hearing for April 20th to review the request, and has set a 4/6/20 deadline for any public protest submissions. The video game is controversial because some consider it a gambling device, as it offers cash rewards for certain performance levels. Establishments nationwide have skirted gambling laws by arguing that it is a game of skill, not luck. DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson introduced a bill at the end of last year to approve this machine in DC establishments with a liquor license, as long as users are over 18 and there are no more than three games per location. All 12 council members voted their assent, and the bill has been submitted to Mayor Bowser for signing at the end of the month.

Wingo's, Arcuri, Breadsoda and The Deck at Casolare have been injecting a little life into the bar and restaurant nightlife in Glover Park amid the spate of restaurant and business closings in the past couple of years. Whole Foods will re-open and vacancies will be filled and life goes on. Have fun in Glover Park!

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AC Cowie
AC Cowie
14 de mar. de 2020

Hi everyone. My name is AC and I’m a trainer at balance gym in GP. I approached Mike at Wingo’s to do comedy nights there because I love comedy and wanted the community to get out and see it and have fun. It’s often an open mic so if you’ve ever wanted to try it, please come along. We’ve halted it for now as comedians are filthy and we don’t want their germs in Glover Park. Follow me on insta @accowie to keep up to date.

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