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Glover Park Whole Foods is Open! (asterisk)

The five-year saga of the closed Whole Foods in Glover Park has ended. Mostly*. The grocery store has re-opened, but if you want to shop right now you will need the Amazon Shopping app on your phone since regular check out is not available yet. Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology is operational, which means anything you grab from a shelf will be tracked and and then billed to you automatically when you leave the store.

You can walk in the front entrance by ringing the bell, or drive in to the garage which is open to the public now. Bring the credit card you use for Amazon purchases, as you might need it to register initially, but it will not be needed on subsequent visits. Be careful removing items from the shelf to inspect them - if you don't put it back exactly where you took it from, you might be charged for it. Have you ever been annoyed by a store clerk following you around? Well, "thanks, I'm just looking" won't work anymore and you will be followed by the all-seeing eye everywhere you go and at everything you touch. Your receipt will be emailed to you after you leave - inspect it carefully as such new technology is not without errors, whether caused by the user or the system. In the near future regular checkout will be available as well, which will not require the app or an registered account. It is nice to have a grocery store within walking distance once again...

Here is the play-by-play on the five year saga:

Whole Foods Lawsuit Settled!, February 20th, 2020

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Chris Jones


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